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Jonathan Essex MUSIC

Music producer in London
Jonathan Essex is an expert in producing pop music, electronic dance music and R&B
music and he will work with you to create remarkable and original songs. Benefit from Jonathan's
experience and allow him to help you produce music for your soul. House Music Promotion

Soundplate – house music promotion

Choosing a music platform to promote house music was never been so easy. With a great experience and some unquestionable results Soundplate Record is one of the coolest and most efficient ways to promote your music. Soundplate has worked on other projects as organizing high profile commercial partnership between artist and brands, creating media content for promoting music events and record labels.

Add your track here to get free house music promotion on leading electronic music blog / website Getting features on prominent music blogs is an important part of electronic / house music promotion. This can sometimes be a long, complicated and expensive process but here at Soundplate we are working hard to change that and make it as easy as possible for you to get your music on our website.